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Household Activities to Improve Your Child's Numeracy Skills

Parents will often employ a variety of methods to improve their child's key numeracy skills, such as math-based games. These kinds of exercises will always be helpful, but there are also plenty of ordinary household activities that can act as fun learning opportunities for your children. By getting your children involved in everyday household routines, parents can achieve multiple goals such as improving their child's understanding of numeracy, making them feel more involved with the domestic activities, building their self-esteem and increasing their sense of responsibility. Here are a few household activities to improve your child's numeracy skills.


Reading food labels, comparing brands and prices, discussing nutrition information, budgeting and finding the best deals are all reasons to get your child involved with the weekly shopping routine. It is also likely to help them understand the value of money. This is one of the best things you can do to help your child learn and understand monetary value, a skill that will be of particular use in later life.

Time Tracker

A schedule is important for any household to run smoothly and giving your child some of the responsibility to ensure breakfast is eaten on time, everyone is dressed before it is time to leave the house, stories are read in advance of bedtime and baths are completed on time and within the time limits. The responsibility will give your child extra motivation to understand and be aware of the time of day and the length of activities.

Share Equally

There are many household tasks that require the equal sharing of items, such as placing cutlery on the dinner table, dividing pieces of fruit for desert, pairing socks and distributing pocket money. Let your child assist with these tasks

Cool Cleanup Fun

This may be a tedious task when done on your own, but perhaps you could involve the children in putting clothes and toys away with a game to quickly find a container the right shape and size for each item. They may need to count the puzzle pieces to ensure each piece is safely returned to the box, put the books in height order or find a shoe box big enough for the largest feet in the household. Your child could also time how long it takes to clear up the room and aim to beat that time each day, to add some healthy competition to the task!

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